Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Understanding The Undeveloped Spirit

What is undeveloped spirit ?
When a man is born again, the spirit of God enters into him (1John 4:13)and begins to communicate/relate with his spirit (Romans 8:15,16)
 At the point of New Birth his rejuvenated spirit is 'young' no matter the physical age. Some people however will refuse to grow up spiritually in the things of God and we say their spirit is undeveloped. An undeveloped spirit has low spiritual rating as far as God is concerned (Job 32:7-9)

Symptoms of Undeveloped Spirit
1. Inability to discern the voice of God and receive divine revelation 1Sam 3:1-7, Lk 24:25-27, 30-32
2. Inability to incubate vision and get correct timing Gen 37:5-9(Hab 2:3). Joseph could have kept quiet. Look at the man Nehemiah who kept his vision safe. (Neh 2:11-13)
      Moses had an inner conviction that God will use him, he did not know the timing, he went ahead prematurely and lost 40 years in the wilderness keeping animals. Undeveloped spirit drove the man of God into the midst of animals.Isaiah52:12,28:16

       Kings business require haste, yet every vision has an appointed time. People are perishing of course, yet that doesn’t call for zeal without knowledge: they have been perishing before you were born!
       Jesus – the saviour was in the world he didn’t die & shed his blood in haste, or he would have wasted. He waited for 30years—the age of enthronement. People were going to hell even though he was in the world! He did not allow baseless zeal to push him out of divine timing.
3. Low level of spiritual understanding
Heb 5:11-14, 1Cor 13:1, Mt 16:22
       This causes division, unprofitable argument, hasty decision, easy manipulation, doctrinal instability and prejudice, inability to flow with the body of Christ and carnal competition.  
4. Inability to recognize danger
Samson was strong in the anointing but he did not know that the smallest of the unbeliever, is a serious danger.
No anointing can handle unequal yoke. Anointing is not a sign of developed spirit. Kids can’t recognise fire until they are burnt.
Only people of undeveloped spirit talk evil of ministers (forgeting they are flames of fire). Korah &Co could not perceive the danger of rebellion and their ministry ended.
The fact that someone prophesy to you that you will be great doesn’t mean you should pull others down. No one needs to come down before you go up. The only one who needed to come down has gone down and climb up to come down no more so that he might pull you up.
Miriam was elderly but he got burnt for touching Moses.
5.Inability to handle Success (Physical and Spiritual)
·  2Chr 26: 15-16, 1Tim 3;6 (nothing is received except it be from God 1Cor 4:7, James 1:17).
·  Work will not allow some people to serve God again!What a betrayal.Solomon success killed him.
(6) Inability to handle Prophecies

  • ·  Eli is grown up but he surrendered cheaply to prophesy(1Sam 3:18)

  • ·  Peter began to argue with Jesus instead of going to God in fasting and prayer:that is an acute symptom of immaturity.·  To argue with the King of kings is nothing but foolishness

·  Lets recall Hezekiah who was given a negative prophesy but he solidly  reverse the bad

Developing The Spirit Man
Here are the major ingredients that will help develop the spirit man:
·   1.The Word of God
It’s the heavenly Manna to be eaten – read, studied and meditated upon
Acts 17:11, Eze 2:8-10, 33, II Tim 2:15, I Pet 2:2, Tim 3:16-17
·  2.Prayer
 3.Experience&Exposure:Books,tapes,hot Spiritual Environ can help in the development of the spirit man

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